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A Leaf Out of Freda’s Book…

My Mother-in-Law, Freda, a very elegant woman, had a great wardrobe, based on a simple philosophy: buy the best you can, buy classic, never buy on impulse. She also knew what colours suited her and stuck to them - which meant her wardrobe automatically co-ordinated, creating multiple outfits from just a few well chosen items. A mix and match dream.

Pam's mother-in-law, Freda

Do have a Merry Christmas!

It’s that time of year again – when, in my opinion, half the world goes mad buying as much as they can possibly lay their hands on and the other half worries about it, wondering how it’s all going to end. Members of the latter group, you won’t be surprised to hear, are often viewed as party poopers - or at least as if they’re unwell, like one day last week when a neighbour shook her head sadly at me, as I told about the shocking waste of paper (approx.

Make your own pine cone decorations

An abundance of babies…

Who amongst us hasn’t at some time or other been forced to become creative in a time of need? Re-using and re-purposing all kinds of things. Camping trips especially seem to lend themselves to such scenarios. Would be flying tents held down with piles of stone collected from the beach - plastic bags (soon to be a thing of the past and another problem to be solved) worn over leaky wellingtons - one pot meals that you’d never consider at home but find delicious in the great outdoors.

Lovely home-made cardigan

Upcycling Upcycled

Pam continues her blog about Freegle, recycling, repair and that sort of thing.

My Dad, bless him, was an Up-cycler Extraordinaire. Not that we knew this at the time of course, back then upcycling wasn’t even a word. Back then it was more a matter of necessity. The throw away world was yet to come.

Reused telegraph poles

Newsletter February 2020

Newsletter February 2020 Hello and welcome to your free Freegle newsletter. Our main website has the domain name "I Love Freegle" so it's good as a valentine's theme! We have also been known to say that Freegle is like online dating for things, but the metaphor doesn't actually bear much inspection - and it's a simile. The natty image here is actually made up of all the lovely volunteers that help run Freegle across the UK. If you'd like to help out - get in touch.

And we’ve got three Freegle Give and Take events coming up soon.

Replacing a washer the hard way

Replacing a washer the hard way Chris shares a DIY plumbing nightmare: OK, not that bad, but a lot of work to replace one washer.

A washer had disintegrated in the house stop tap, meaning it didn't shut off the water. The bits of washer had caused havoc in the rest of the house: at header tanks and at the kitchen sink. To make matters worse, the outside stop tap wasn't working either - but United Utilities replaced that very promptly.


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