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Giving thanks

There’s a lot of good stuff happening right now, not that the national news channel outlets would ever let on, but as a reader of the Positive News magazine I can tell you that it is. From re-wilding projects to the ever growing trade in second hand clothing and a whole host of stuff in between, it’s happening worldwide.

Freegle 2024

Another year, another chance to renew our resolutions – or not! The fact that some of mine have altered little over the years, waste less, re-cycle more, finish what I start, because I have this nasty habit of thinking yes, I’ll do that, just, not now, must mean something. Either that I’m failing miserably to get a grip, or that I grow ever more demanding of these aims?

Riches come in many forms…

It’s that time of year again, when the apples and garden produce start rolling in and we get caught midway between stress - will I cope with the mounds of apples my OH is piling on the table almost daily - and satisfaction… because there is nothing nicer than preserving excess food for the winter months or to give as gifts to friends and relations, or, if you have as much produce as I do, the odd delivery driver and unexpected caller who you want to thank for their service.

The Art of Repair

The idea of repairing or altering clothes to prolong their life is not a new idea. Indeed my own grandmother’s main form of evening entertainment seemed to largely centre around darning socks, turning shirt collars, letting down hems, unpicking old jumpers, re-using wool and a whole lot more.

Extreme Birthdaying…

When I first met my husband Steve, he impressed me with presents. Not that they always hit the spot, and they were often random, like the cocktail dress he fondly imagined I’d look glamorous in, bought at a jumble sale, or the set of shot glasses that as a virtual teetotaler, I’ve still never quite found a use for other than measuring fruit cordial in…

Shot glasses

Deadstock Fabric

I am not a natural seamstress. There I’ve said it. Then I came across the term, Deadstock Fabric. Commercially it is the avoidance of throwing out end of line material, domestically, it is the art of making something new out of something old… ideal for someone like me.

Beanbag cover

A Toast for 2023…

I was eating a baked onion the other day, a simple and delicious meal, quickly prepared and yes, cheap, especially if you have a small table top, or slow cooker to bake them in. Looking down at my plate I suddenly thought about the journey it had taken to get there.

Baked onions

How to save yourself a trip with the Needle Monster…

For a few years now I’ve secretly hankered after a fake tree. For me all that fuss and mess, the lop sided tilt that no amount of propping up ever sorts, has lost its charm along with the never ending pine needles that in our house often linger well into the spring. Before now I’ve never quite plucked up the courage to broach the subject though, rightly, as it turns out suspecting the outrage that might ensue.

beautiful metal work tree

Cutting corners - or not...

I’ve a long history in cutting corners, from hemming up curtains with masking tape, to dusting with whatever comes to hand. Why? Because life is short and time is at a premium and I have a million and two things I want to do. If I insist on doing them all properly, I shan’t begin many of them, as they suddenly become tasks of such magnitude as to be untenable to the mere mortal that I am. Things don’t always work of course, but as long as you prepare yourself for possible failure, that’s okay. But on the other hand, you might be surprised as I was recently by this.

a carefully mown bank, now a dedicated space for hunting owls

Upcycling or down?

Remember these?

Yes, those shoes that I thought were the ultimate in recycling. The ones I hadn’t noticed were odd until several weeks after my husband had started wearing them… and only then because he drew attention to said item. Well, it seems I was wrong. Turns out they had much further to go…

The boots are still being used!


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