Freegle Community Waste Prevention Fund 2016

In May 2016, Penrith and Eden District Freegle received funding for a year from the Cumbria County Council Community Waste Prevention Fund - thanks very much! The funds are being held nationally by Freegle Ltd, who are contributing half the costs of (#3) and (#4) below. The project has four elements, all with the aim of promoting the local Freegle group and keeping items out of the waste stream:

  1. Run four Give and Take events across Eden District
  2. Produce a fortnightly blog
  3. Produce a list of alternatives to Freegle in Eden District
  4. Produce a guide/short report for other Freegle groups indicating the success of these publicity efforts

The blog will appear here at with a monthly short article appearing in the print magazine Penrith Today, distributed to many households in Penrith and the surrounding area.

A write up of the local publicity efforts (#4) appears as Publicity in Penrith and Eden District in the Freegle volunteers wiki.


No events planned.
If you'd like to help put on an event, please get in touch.