Newsletter February 2020

Freegle Volunteers poster Hello and welcome to your free Freegle newsletter. Our main website has the domain name "I Love Freegle" so it's good as a valentine's theme! We have also been known to say that Freegle is like online dating for things, but the metaphor doesn't actually bear much inspection - and it's a simile. The natty image here is actually made up of all the lovely volunteers that help run Freegle across the UK. If you'd like to help out - get in touch - see below.

The main Freegle website has been upgraded in the last month – let us know if you have any issues. Thanks to the team of open-source geeks who’ve made this possible.  Back here in Eden, we’ve got three Freegle Give and Take events coming up soon:

  1. Penrith Community Gardeners are running a Seedy Saturday and Gardening Freegle on the morning of Saturday 14th March in Hunter Lane in Penrith. Please bring any seeds, plants and tools to give away.
  2. There’s a Shap Freegle Give and Take at the Memorial Hall on the morning of Saturday 28th March. Give and get your freebies there! Refreshments available for donations.
  3. And we’re running a Penrith Freegle Give and Take at the Old Fire Station on the afternoon of Saturday 9th May. Everything must be free!  As with the other events, anything left over may be Freegled online or given to a charity shop.
  4. If you are in Carlisle or Brampton, check out the free stalls at the monthly farmers markets.
  5. If you have something that’s broken, then you can offer it on Freegle – but do remember that you can take them along to a Repair Café. The Penrith Repair Café is on the second Saturday of the month. Bike repair specialists are joining the team of volunteers at the next one, so bring your bike along to get it fixed up ready for spring and summer.
  6. There’s also a Repair Café in Shap on Sunday 19th April in the Memorial Hall.
  7. And a Repair Café and Big Breakfast in Nenthead on the morning: Sunday 19th April, 10am to 1pm.
  8. We’re always on the look out for more volunteers to help run both the Penrith and Carlisle Freegle groups. If you can lend us a hand from your computer or phone, we’ll help you get started. We share the workload, with every second week on duty covering whatever hours you can. Phone Elaine on 016974 75398 anytime from noon onwards if you want to chat about it. There's backroom jobs as well as helping on Freegle Give and Takes.
  9. If you’re feeling the winter chill at home, Cumbria Action for Sustainability may be able to help. Their Cold to Cosy Homes service offers free energy-saving advice and equipment, including draughtproofing. See
  10. Finally, the Freegle website runs at a .ORG domain name. This is being sold off to a Private Equity Firm. If you don’t think this is a good idea, please sign this petition.

Happy freegling
Chris, Elaine, Judith-Ann, Juliet



No events planned.
If you'd like to help put on an event, please get in touch.