Valentine hearts

A hand-made heart is a sure to be a hit for Valentine's day. You can make any size heart you want! You really need paper, glue, some cord, string or yarn, a needle and thread, or a stapler, or UHU type glue, and a bead or bell.

Make your own 3D valentine heart
Make your own 3D valentine heart

First, cut a number of identical shapes from paper. I find that 12-18 heart shapes or circles will produce a heart or a circular shaped bauble about 3" across, but if you are increasing the size you should increase the number of shapes that you cut.

Fold the shapes in half with a crease running from the top to the bottom, and either fix each of the sheets together by holding them tightly together and applying a layer of glue along the spine, or stack the opened up sheets, and staple along the fold, or using a needle and thread stitch them along the fold, to ensure that they do not come apart.

Next, take a piece of thin cord, string or yarn, and secure a small bell or a bead in the middle. Then, lay the cord/string/yarn along the fold, with the bell or bead at the bottom of the paper stack, and the two ends of the cord/string/yarn at the back and front of the paper. Tie a knot at the top of the stack, with another bead if required, and glue the string firmly along the front and back of the paper stack. Tie another knot at the top of the cord/string/yarn, to make a hanging loop.

Once the stack and hanging loop are firmly stuck together, and all the glue is dry, take some paper glue, and start to glue the "pages" together. The first two sides are stuck about one third of the way down from the top, then the next two sides about a third up from the bottom. You go all the way around the paper stack, alternating top third and bottom third, until you get to the last sheets, and these last two pieces are left unstuck. Leave the stack to dry thoroughly.

Once you are happy that the glue has dried out, carefully open out the paper, and fasten the two unglued pages together with a paperclip. Distribute the paper around the full circle, ensuring that the pages are glued alternately top and bottom, and all the middles are opened up. The bauble should look something like this picture!!


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