Freegling for a friend

I'm happy to offer something on Freegle for a friend. And this is just what happened recently. A friend had a bike that he no longer wanted, so he left it with me to Freegle, pointing out that it needed some TLC on the chain and sprocket set. I offered it just over a week ago.  I had someone asking for it pretty soon afterwards. I replied saying "you can have it", but I heard no more.  And then recently Ian got touch to ask if it was still available.  It was, so they arranged to come today. I'd left it outside the garage in case we were out, but we were in and Ian was dead chuffed and agreed to have his photo taken. He's good fixing things up so hopefully he'll have it in full working order soon.

Ian gets my friend's bike on Freegle
Ian gets my friend's bike on Freegle

I'm happy to post a message on the Penrith and Eden Freegle group for you - and have done this many times over the years. It's best if you can post messages yourself as replies will come by email direct to you (rather than via me). However some people are not so confident on the Internet or only contactable by phone, so they'd like me to do it for them. Please give me a ring on 01931713240 to do this. I'll need the details of the item, your name, your approx location and a means of contacting you - and a rough guide to when you will be available for the item to be picked up. After I've posted the OFFER (or WANTED) if people get in touch with me, I'll pass on the relevant information, eg please phone this person. I'll need to know when an agreement to pick up has been reached, or actually handed over so I can mark it as TAKEN.

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